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Insanity and Sadness

Insanity and Sadness

November 26, 2014

My town of Tallahassee is completely in shock this week. WE had TWO crazy people shoot and kill citizens and police in a stunning wave of violence over a 48 hour period. That is incredible for this little city that is by and large peaceful, and to have just one crazy gunman would be enough for even the BIG cities- but two? In One weekend? I feel like there is something going on here- and I’m worried that this is twisted strain of madness that may well spawn future horror.

The first madman tragically chose his spot for a violent breakdown, on FSU campus in Stozier library in the middle of an exam week. In a quiet library, jammed with students frantically cramming before exams. Now I have been myself in Strozier during exams, and it is a no nonsense kind of place. Too many serious people are deeply involved in their studies to put up with any noise- and librarians will eject you out of there if you present any kind of problem. It’s the last place on campus you would expect a kill crazy madman to go beserk.

Somehow the killer had smuggled a gun into the library and he started shooting! He shot three students and faculty- no one was killed – but one 21 year old pre-med student has his spine shattered and is now in a wheel chair for the rest of his life.

The killer made it to the outside and to their incredible credit- campus police are there within five minutes.
Within three minutes after shots exchanged with the FSU police- they blow his crazy ass away in a hail of bullets. Go Noles! They got his crazy ass before he could actually kill anyone within ten minutes of the first incident.

A shooting on FSU campus in the library is nightmarish enough, but 48 hours later - another crazy man on the NW outskirts of town- decides he is going to set fire to his house and then shoot anyone who shows up to put the fire out.

The madman puts his fantastically evil plan into action, by shooting the first two Sheriff Deputies who responded to the 911 call. The killer shoots point blank killing one Sheriff’s Deputy instantly. The other Deputy warns firefighters who are arriving away from the scene, so the madman won’t shoot them- and the crazy man shoots the Deputy in the back and then charges out his front door to shoot and kill as many people as he can.

Again the neighborhood has an armed police response within minutes and the Shooter finds himself engaged in a desperate gun battle with another Deputy. The murdering madman is shot dead by police within ten minutes of beginning his wild killing spree.

Two madmen who have caused so much misery to families and citizens of Tallahassee in the space of three days. And there is no reason for it. Who were these killers? What set them off? I can’t tell you, as I have only followed the very amateur reporting of my local newspaper- The Tallahassee Democrat. All we know about the library shooter is that he was an FSU alumni with mental and emotional issues. What were his issues? And why was he even in the library? How did he get a gun in the library in the first place? These are questions no one at the Tallahassee Democrat is asking or answering. (and they call themselves ‘journalists’.)

The other killer was said to be ‘anti-government’ and ‘anti-authority’ who had made threats to law enforcement earlier. If that is the case- why wasn’t he in custody before? Why wasn’t someone watching his ass? I’m anti-government and anti-authority myself- and that’s what I would do. You call anyone a terrorist these days and its so long, jack. And in this case- they would have been right.


I tell you one thing these murderers were not. They were not black men. Because if they had been – then the Tallahassee Democrat would have been screaming about ‘police brutality’. On Monday, two days after the shootings, we had exactly that happen at the Florida State Capital, as a liberal African American group called the ‘Dream Defenders’ protested the events in Ferguson, Missouri. This is the same bunch of liberal assholes, who went apeshit at the Capital over a year ago about Treyvon Martin shooting and the Zimmerman trial- and wasted weeks of local law enforcements resources and a million dollars of local tax dollars watching over and cleaning up after their pointless protest.

Of course the Tallahassee Democrat supports their cause- the Democrat never met a liberal cause that it didn’t like. But these ‘Dream Defenders’ liberal bullshit about Police brutality never sounded more hollow this week- when our city was protected and defended by Law Enforcement from gun toting killers- at the cost of one lawman’s life.

As these ignorant, protesting, liberal thugs shouted their politically correct talking points about the evils of a racist white police state to a vacant downtown parking lot; a candlelight vigil on FSU campus was attended by thousands in respect and reverence for all the police had done to protect this city.

It is a shame ‘the Dream Defenders’ couldn’t hold off their ugly racist screed for that one night. But they were trying to stoke the spark of violence that so many other African Americans across America felt at the Fergusson verdict. This was a carefully tended racist rage, loving planted in Fergusson by the liberal media, and fed by misinformation and propaganda to politically angry blacks who want to blame and hate the white police; and who want an excuse to riot, loot and exercise mob rule if they feel like it. And the black racists did just that in Missouri and all across the country this week.

But that violence did not take place here in Tallahassee. Our city had already had another kind of violence – a savage attack at the city’s soul by armed madmen. That was the real kind of brutal crime which makes the fake media outrage over the Fergusson shooting all too apparent.
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