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I found this old LJ entry I posted on the election day 2008- when Obama won- was I right?

His approval rating dropped to 26% yesterday- threee years aftr the election- worse approval ratings for any US preisdent. i'm surprised he's not a corpse(man) hanging upside down off a balcony... anywhere else but America..

Eve of Destruction

November 4th, 2008 Current Mood: depressed
I'm staying awake all night and counting the hours when i am going down to vote. i feel a huge onerous burden- opprssion like I have never felt before about this vote- like this one really is make or break for America. And I'm NOT voting for Obama.

I have read a thousand articles about him on the net- and if there is one impression I have come away with- is that he is going to be more of a problem than a solution as president. For I have no doubt he will win. The mainstream media has brainwashed most everyone into voting for him. And then there is the racial issue- over 90% of registred black voters are going to the polls- its payback time for black America.

It makes me sad and sick at heart to see this man take over america. I shudder at the potential harm he is capable of doing - to our lives, our homes, our jobs, our families, the infrastructure of our nation, its armed forces and even the fabric of the US Constitution itself. Obama is the son of all those wild eyed hippe radiclas in the 60s who wanted to bomb the establishment into submission. his career was supported and nurtured by radical liberal extremists, communists, deviants and radicals of the worst description. After 8 years of living under the wild ride of an extreme right administration- America is about to go under the reign of an extreme Left administration- and people will soon find out- in their own way- the extreme left can be JUST as savage as the extreme right.

And on top of everything else- Obama will have in his power- all the trappings of Bush's presidency- all the power of the police state that bush erected in repsonse to 9-11 that he realesed on the citizens of America in violation of the Constitution. Obama will have all that apparatus now- the wiretaps, the secret police tactics, the warehousing of political prisoners, the torturing of suspected terrorists- and there is NO reason to believe he won't use those instruments on YOU or ME- if he chooses to do so. And legally there is nothing anyone can do to stop him.

I think its payback time for him. Obama has a lot of hate in him- for the right wing, for white people, for the Constitution of the USA. And you know they say payback is Hell.

Welcome America- to Hell.
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